So the tag doesn't work properly and we're prohibited from fixing it.

Kinda like you buying a car and being told... by law you are not permitted to tinker 
with the engine to make it perform better for your environment.

Intellectual property is sort of an oxymoron. Stealing software is one thing.  However 
fair use, like making personal copies of my CD is a right, established by the 
courts... which will eventually become applied to digital mediums as well. We just 
have to go around in circles for a few or more years until that becomes self evident. 

To quote a reader of Infoworld this week... How many people go around citing Milton 
when they say... "All hell broke loose". It's his. He authored it. We all use it. 

There, I feel better.

At 10:37 AM 7/2/02, you wrote:
>>Now my next task is to decompile them?
>FYI you might want to check the license, it probably prohibits decompiling.
>And they may be obfuscated.
>Pete Freitag ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
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