Is this the password for CF or the password for the MAC user? Depending on
how the MAC is set up, your user may not have permissions to uninstall the
program.  Maybe try the sys admin user.


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Subject: [cfaussie] wierd problem: can't run CF7 uninstaller

I'm trying to uninstall ColdFusion7 on Mac OS X

running /Applications/ColdFusionMX7/uninstall/ ...

"enter the password for the current user"

I enter (and confirm) my usual, bog standard, used a million times
before user (root) password - the same one used to install the thing
in the first place (and start Apache and MySQL), checking for caps-lock,

"the password you have entered for [me] is invalid. Please enter the
correct password"

WTF?!? this is indeed the correct root password.

I've run the from terminal with sudo and, after
prompting me for the password still does the same thing. doesn't like
my password.

I need to get rid of all traces of JRun and CF7 so I can install a
diff version. and I've astounded a couple of Mac friends with this

any suggestions?
anyone come across this before?


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