Gareth stated and I quote, "It hasn't been a problem previously, why would
it be a problem now? CFML is not a strong typed language and there for
should evaluate situations like this correctly."


So as you see I am correct by saying it has nothing to do with CF, but yes I
agree about some form of docs etc. And to expect CF not to have this problem
is where he got our backs up, not that it should have been documented
somewhere but his quote says it all.



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To say that it has nothing to do with ColdFusion is incorrect - as a
developer has come across the issue developing an application using
ColdFusion.  Sure it is an 'across the board of programming languages' issue
- but that doesn't mean that Adobe cannot note the issue in its
documentation and training guides - which is what Gareth was suggesting.
Robin's suggestion looks to be the neatest solution so far. 




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