> What exactly is a 'CF number'?

All simple CF variables are stored as strings.  When used as numbers  
in an expression they have 12 significant digits according to the  
documentation, which I assume is a java Float (a Double would have  

As for a solution in CFML, I wouldn't mind an optional second  
argument to round(), fix(), ceil() etc that defaulted to 0 and  
specified the number of decimal places to round to (Excel VBA has this).

I imagine that changing the type used to represent numbers internally  
or building rounding into all number handling may impact legacy cf  
apps and server performance - I would be against a change if either  
were true.



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On 21/02/2007, at 10:32 AM, Rod Higgins wrote:

> Hi Robin,
> What exactly is a 'CF number'? It seems to be CF can store it as a  
> string or
> a double / float depending on the way it is constructed or what  
> methods are
> used on the var. I agree with Gareth in that CF needs to make untyped
> numbers in CF more consistent. The values generated from Gareth's code
> shouldn't happen and no I don't agree with the opinion it is a  
> fault / known
> issue of the Java language, it is simply the way CF was written to  
> use Java.
> They decided to go with a smaller memory footprint for storing numeric
> values. This is a very annoying issue when dealing with very small  
> numbers
> in CF and has driven me nuts plenty of times before.
> Obviously using BigDecimal for every numeric in CF would use too  
> much memory
> but maybe some option for the construction of 'CF numbers' so  
> developers can
> choose to be more precise.
> Rod

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