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> As discussed offline with @ilya-biryukov, the better approach would be to 
> prefix match first symbols of each distinct identifier piece instead of 
> prefix matching (just looking at the first letter of the identifier) the 
> whole identifier.
> Example:
> - Query: `"u"`
> - Symbols: `"unique_ptr"`, `"user"`, `"super_user"`
>   Current implementation would match `"unique_ptr"` and `"user"` only. 
> Proposed implementation would match all three symbols, because the second 
> piece of `"super_user"` starts with `u`.

I agree that this can be useful sometime, but I suspect it's relatively rare 
and might actually compromise ranking quality for the more common use case e.g. 
the first character users type is the first character of the expected 

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