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Comment at: lib/CodeGen/CGDecl.cpp:1643
     CharUnits Size = getContext().getTypeSizeInChars(type);
     if (!Size.isZero()) {
       switch (trivialAutoVarInit) {
jfb wrote:
> rjmccall wrote:
> > Can't you just drill to the byref storage right here and avoid all the 
> > other complexity and subtle ordering interactions?
> We're in the lambda that does the initialization here. The tricky order part 
> is that code that calls the lambda does:
> - Block (which was missing the early auto-init)
> - Trivial initializer (which has auto-init, then early exit)
> - Constant aggregate / constexpr (which might auto-init if it wasn't 
> constant, and then early-exit)
> - The other stuff
> I don't think here is the right place to do anything... and I'm not sure what 
> you're suggesting.
Escaping `__block` variables are basically a fixed-layout header followed by 
storage of the variable's formal type.  Anything you do at this point in the 
function to auto-initialize the header is a waste of time and code size because 
it is precisely at this point in the function that we perform a bunch of stores 
to initialize that header.   You are mitigating nothing by covering the header. 
 So what I'm saying is that, in this lambda which is meant to initialize the 
user-exposed storage of a variable, you should just make sure you're pointing 
at the user-exposed storage of the variable by calling 
`emitBlockByrefAddress(false)` (which just does a GEP), and then you can 
initialize only that.

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