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Comment at: lib/Frontend/InitPreprocessor.cpp:1063
+    auto OpenCLVersion =
+        LangOpts.OpenCLCPlusPlus ? 200 : LangOpts.OpenCLVersion;
+#define OPENCLEXT(Ext)                                                         
svenvh wrote:
> Why not set `OpenCLVersion` in `lib/Frontend/CompilerInvocation.cpp` instead? 
>  Then you wouldn't have to "override" the version in multiple places (which 
> increases the risk of missing one or more places).
I think we deliberately wanted to separate OpenCL C versions from OpenCL C++. 
One big reason is that we don't automatically inherit the same behavior but 
rather do it explicitly. I could look at moving this logic into extensions 
implementation directly however this will mean it will need to know more 
internals of LangOpts. I will give it a try!


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