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> >
> > > This definitely requires a test.
> >
> >
> > @ABataev, I tried to find some tests on similar `-fcuda-is-device` and 
> > `-fopenmp-is-device` options, but I wasn't able to find a dedicated test. 
> > Could you suggest some examples testing similar functionality, please?
> There are several similar tests:
>  OpenMP/driver.c, Driver/openmp-offload.c, Driver/openmp-offload-gpu.c. There 
> is no absolutely the same test for OpenMP, since OpenMP has mo similar req 
> for the offloading.

@ABataev thanks for the pointers. The uploaded patch adds two options:

- fsycl-is-device (front-end option)
- sycl-device-only (driver option)

The driver tests you mention validate driver logic enabled by new options, 
which is not part of this test and I was going to add it later.
I can split the patch and remove new driver option and leave only front-end 
Another option is to add driver logic that invokes the front-end compiler in 
"device only" mode.
Which option do you prefer?

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