reuk added a comment.

@MyDeveloperDay I'm not sure you built this branch. Perhaps you applied this 
patch to an older version of the repo. For me, 
SpaceBeforeCpp11BracedListOptions is defined at Format.h:1570.

This builds fine for me, on macOS 10.14 with Xcode 10.1's clang. I just rebased 
onto the most recent clang master and updated llvm. I've been testing/building 
with this command:

  cmake --build build --target FormatTests && 
./build/tools/clang/unittests/Format/FormatTests && cmake --build build 
--target clang-format

@klimek That's disappointing, I thought other JUCE users might benefit from 
this patch (it's quite an established library), and the amount of code that I'm 
a adding is not that high.


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