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In D54978#1431430 <>, @mikhail.ramalho 

> Hi all,
> Sorry for the massive delay, but I just updated the `FindZ3` script to 
> retrieve the version from the lib. I changed it to use `try_run` instead of 
> `try_compile` so we can get the version number.
> I tried to use @brzycki code to get the version from the header, however, 
> it's not working for Z3 4.8.4. In Z3 4.8.3 the FULL_VERSION is a nice `"Z3 
>"` but in version 4.8.4 it's `"Z3 d6df51951f4c master 
> z3-4.8.4"` and cmake fails with the following message:
>   -- Could NOT find Z3: Found unsuitable version "#define Z3_FULL_VERSION    
> "Z3 d6df51951f4c master z3-4.8.4"", but required is at least 
> "4.7.1" (found /home/mgadelha/z3/bin/

This output means you built Z3 from source that was in a git repository and you 
used Z3's python build system.

In D54978#1431786 <>, @ddcc wrote:

> Thanks for making the changes! Is this being parsed from e.g. 
> `/usr/include/z3_version.h`? I checked their code, and I have a local build 
> of z3, but I'm not seeing those changes to the version string:
>   #define Z3_FULL_VERSION    "Z3"

This output means you built Z3 from source that was not in a git repository. In 
this case the header file should look the same for both Z3's CMake and Python 
build systems.


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