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> Hello cfe-commits,
> The attached patch is for clang to use -fomit-frame-pointer by default
> for all PowerPC targets when optimizing code.  Right now, clang uses
> -fomit-frame-pointer for PowerPC Linux and NetBSD but not for other
> targets.  I have been running `clang -target powerpc-openbsd`.
> The patch is for llvm-project.git master.  I previously posted this
> patch to , but the patch
> in this email is for a newer revision of master.
> In most functions, the frame pointer in r31 is an unnecessary extra
> copy of the stack pointer in r1.  GCC is using -fomit-frame-pointer by
> default (in my PowerPC machine running OpenBSD/macppc); I want Clang
> to be at least as good as GCC.  Also, this patch helps me to compare
> the output of `clang -target powerpc-openbsd -O2 -S` with the output
> for Linux or NetBSD.  In bug 41094, I showed how -fomit-frame-pointer
> simplifies the C function `void nothing(void) {}`.
> This is my first mail to cfe-commits; I'm using the instructions at
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