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In D60455#1467279 <>, @aaron.ballman 

> In D60455#1464324 <>, @Fznamznon wrote:
> > Applied comments from @aaron.ballman and @keryell
> >
> > - Introduced a C++11 and C2x style spelling in the clang namespace. I 
> > didn't find path to add two namespaces to attribute (like 
> > [[clang::sycl::device]]) so [[clang::sycl_device]] spelling is added.
> > - Since both attributes have spellings and possible can be used as some 
> > "standard" outlining in Clang/LLVM I added documetation.
> > - Added more test cases.
> > - As @bader mentioned sycl_device can be used to mark functions, which are 
> > called from the different translation units so I added simple handling of 
> > this attribute in Sema.
> I'm confused -- I thought @bader also said "...SYCL is not supposed to expose 
> any non-standard extensions to a user." -- these attributes are not standards 
> based (WG21 and WG14 have nothing to say about them), so are these attributes 
> considered "non-standard extensions" or not?

@aaron.ballman sorry for confusion.
SYCL specification doesn't require user to annotate "device functions" with an 
attribute - it says following (from section 6.9.1 SYCL functions and methods 
linkage,, page 251):

> The default behavior in SYCL applications is that all the definitions and 
> declarations of the functions and methods
>  are available to the SYCL compiler, in the same translation unit. When this 
> is not the case, all the symbols that
>  need to be exported to a SYCL library or from a C++ library to a SYCL 
> application need to be defined using the
>  macro: SYCL_EXTERNAL.
>  The SYCL_EXTERNAL macro will only be defined if the implementation supports 
> offline linking. The macro is
>  implementation-defined, but the following restrictions apply:
> • SYCL_EXTERNAL can only be used on functions;
>  • the function cannot use raw pointers as parameter or return types. 
> Explicit pointer classes must be used instead;
>  • externally defined functions cannot call a 
> cl::sycl::parallel_for_work_item method;
>  • externally defined functions cannot be called from a 
> cl::sycl::parallel_for_work_group scope.
> The SYCL linkage mechanism is optional and implementation defined.

The idea I had is that to define `SYCL_EXTERNAL` macro as `sycl_device` 

BTW, I noticed that `SYCL_EXTERNAL` puts additional requirements `sycl_device` 
doesn't meet:

> • SYCL_EXTERNAL can only be used on functions;

I think our implementation doesn't have such limitations and able to support 
more use cases.
Anyway, we can make `sycl_device` attribute implicit for now and return to the 
implementation of cross translation unit dependencies later.

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