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Comment at: lib/Headers/__clang_cuda_cmath.h:55-56
+#if defined(_OPENMP) && defined(__cplusplus)
+__DEVICE__ const float abs(const float __x) { return ::fabsf((float)__x); }
+__DEVICE__ const double abs(const double __x) { return ::fabs((double)__x); }
tra wrote:
> Where do these functions come from?  
> does not seem to show any 
> `abs` functions with const args.
What's happening is that when including the random header file, this header 
file uses abs with const arguments:

                    const double __n = _M_nd(__urng);
                    const double __y = -std::abs(__n) * __param._M_sm - 1;

And without there functions here the error I get is:

In file included from test.c:8:
In file included from 
 error: call to 'abs' is ambiguous
                    const double __y = -std::abs(__n) * __param._M_sm - 1;
/usr/include/stdlib.h:770:12: note: candidate function
extern int abs (int __x) __THROW __attribute__ ((__const__)) __wur;
 note: candidate function
  abs(long __i) { return __builtin_labs(__i); }
 note: candidate function
  abs(long long __x) { return __builtin_llabs (__x); }
 note: candidate function
  abs(__int128 __x) { return __x >= 0 ? __x : -__x; }

  rC Clang


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