aaron.ballman added inline comments.

Comment at: lib/AST/ASTContext.cpp:120
+ASTContext::TraverseIgnored(const ast_type_traits::DynTypedNode &N) {
+  if (auto E = N.get<Expr>()) {
+    return ast_type_traits::DynTypedNode::create(*TraverseIgnored(E));
aaron.ballman wrote:
> `auto *`
The formatting is wrong here -- be sure to run the patch through clang-format 
before committing.

Comment at: lib/ASTMatchers/ASTMatchersInternal.cpp:240
+  assert(RestrictKind.isBaseOf(NodeKind));
+  if (Implementation->dynMatches(N, Finder, Builder)) {
steveire wrote:
> aaron.ballman wrote:
> > Add an assertion message?
> Saying what? The original code doesn't have one. Let's avoid round trips in 
> review comments :).
This isn't a "round trip"; it's not unreasonable to ask people to NFC improve 
the code they're touching (it's akin to saying "Because you figured out this 
complex piece of code does X, can you add a comment to it so others don't have 
to do that work next time.").

As best I can tell, this assertion exists because this function is meant to 
mirror `matches()` without this base check in release mode. You've lost that 
mirroring with your refactoring, which looks suspicious. Is there a reason this 
function deviates from `matches()` now?

As for the assertion message itself, how about "matched a node of an unexpected 
derived kind"?

  rC Clang



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