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Comment at: lib/CodeGen/CGOpenMPRuntime.cpp:10364
+  if (const auto *FD = dyn_cast<FunctionDecl>(D)) {
+    if (OMPDeclareTargetDeclAttr::isDeclareTargetDeclaration(FD)) {
+      HasEmittedDeclareTargetRegion = true;
ABataev wrote:
> gtbercea wrote:
> > ABataev wrote:
> > > ABataev wrote:
> > > > No need for the braces
> > > What if `declare target` is used only for variabes but not for the 
> > > functions?
> > Even more reason to error in that case since it may contain clauses like 
> > link or to which need for requires directives to be used consistently.
> But I don't see that your patch works in this situation. Currently, it will 
> emit the error only if the declare target function is found, no?
Actually it will work even when just variables are used in the declare target 
region. There is another problem which I have a fix for. I will update the 
patch in a bit. 

  rC Clang


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