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> Yes, MinGW headers are all lowercase.
> And the Windows SDK, where the file is spelled with a capital W, isn't 
> self-consistent (some headers include others with a different capitalization 
> than the files actually are stored with), so to use the official Windows SDK 
> on a case sensitive file system, you need some sort of case fixup anyway. (Or 
> did that change very recently?) And in that case, making it all lowercase is 
> the simplest, which also happens to match the MinGW headers.

We can't control the case mismatches in the Windows SDK but we can control them 
in LLVM. Why should we consistently use the wrong case? The difference between 
LLVM and the Windows SDK using the wrong case is, that we can maintain a vfs 
overlay file for the Windows SDK only and be fairly certain that it wont change 
that frequently.

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