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Comment at: clang-tools-extra/clangd/SemanticHighlighting.cpp:46
+  bool VisitDeclRefExpr(DeclRefExpr *Ref) {
+    if (Ref->getNameInfo().getName().getNameKind() ==
hokein wrote:
> The `DeclRefExpr` is a very general expression, which can reference a 
> variable, a function, an enum, etc. I think we want to distinguish with them 
> (rather than putting all into `Variable` type).
>  And we are missing large majority of entities now, I think we could start 
> collecting more entities (class, method, enum, etc).
IMO the way to ensure consistency is to make the highlight a function of the 
decl, regardless of whether you found it in the decl itself, a declrefexpr, etc.

so something like:

// (overloaded)
addToken(SourceLocation Loc, NamedDecl *D) {
  if (isa<VarDecl>(D))
    return addToken(Loc, HighlightingKind::Variable);
  // ... etc

bool VisitDeclRefExpr(DeclRefExpr *Ref) { 
  // bail out for operators here (if it's only *usages* you don't want to 
  addToken(Ref->getLocation(), Ref->getDecl());

bool VisitNamedDecl(NamedDecl *ND) {
  addToken(ND->getLocation(), ND);

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