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> - What is the issue with moving `a = b/c`? If it moves ahead of `if` 
> statement it seems OK, because the rounding mode is the same in that point. 
> It cannot be moved inside the block (where rounding mode is different) 
> because it breaks semantics.

It may be that the optimizer can prove that 'someCondition' is always true and 
it will eliminate the if statement and there is nothing to prevent the 
operation from migrating between the calls that change the rounding mode.

This is my main point -- "call i32 @fesetround" does not act as a barrier to an 
fdiv instruction (for example), but it does act as a barrier to a constrained 
FP intrinsic. It is not acceptable, for performance reasons in the general 
case, to have calls act as barriers to unconstrained FP operations. Therefore, 
to keep everything semantically correct, it is necessary to use constrained 
intrinsics in any function where the floating point environment may be changed.

I agree that impact on performance must be minimized, but this is necessary for 

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