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> I'm on board with getting rid of the linker script. Gold's limited support 
> for that seems conclusive.
> I believe the current script does two things:
>  1/ takes a binary and embeds it in a section named 
> .omp_offloading.amdgcn-amd-amdhsa
>  2/ provides start/end symbols for that section and for 
> .omp_offloading.entries.
> 2/ is discussed above.
>  1/ can be implemented as a call to (llvm-)objcopy
> > If binary is used as the value for --input-target, the input file will be 
> > embedded as a data section in an ELF relocatable object, with symbols 
> > _binary_<file_name>_start, _binary_<file_name>_end, and 
> > _binary_<file_name>_size representing the start, end and size of the data, 
> > where <file_name> is the path of the input file as specified on the command 
> > line with non-alphanumeric characters converted to _.
> I think dropping the linker script means that cmake will need to invoke an 
> extra executable. As far as I can see, that tool can be objcopy instead of 
> clang-offload-wrapper.
> Does this diff mix getting rid of the linker script with other changes? E.g. 
> it looks like the metadata generation is moving from clang to the new tool, 
> but that seems orthogonal to dropping the linker script.

Metadata is still generated by the clang, there are no changes in this area. 
What is moving to a wrapper tool is the generation of the offload registration 
code. Let me just attach the slides that I presented on the inter company 
meeting were the proposal was discussed. It'll probably answer most of your 
questions. F9983224: openmp_linker_script.pdf 


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