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> Thank you for rebasing on current master.
> I have ran it today on our code base and found three classes of false 
> positives:
> 1. Writing to a bitfield of a struct. The struct still is suggested it should 
> be const.
> 2. Using a variable with an ostream extraction; like "int foo; cin >> foo;", 
> except it was a template on the stream instance.
> 3. In a for loop, with a somewhat strange pair (for auto [foo, bar] = 
> std::pair {}; foo < big_foo; ++ foo).
>   Let me know if you can't create test cases from these descriptions and I 
> can try to extract the code.

Thank you for testing, I would appreciate if you test later versions, too!
I will focus on landing the utility function for adding `const` first. I 
noticed false positives in LLVM as well, I try to reproduce them all and 
fix/workaround the issues.

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