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Hi @tycho ! Sorry for not getting back earlier.
I implemented an alternate approach last year, which proved to be better (in 
terms of build times) than what I proposed in this demo patch. That is, using a 
thread pool instead of the process pool as implemented here. This makes 
compilation with /MP considerably faster, and allows for neat optimizations 
like file caching, re-using allocated memory pages, and possibly other things 
down the line. But before getting there, it requires somehow making `cl::opt` 
and the `CommandLineParser` thread-safe, thus revive this RFC thread 
<>. In 
essence, we want a mode where `cl::opt`s have their data optionally stored in a 
stack context, so that we can safely call a CC1Command 
 in each thread. I'll write a proposal to revive the RFC.

  rC Clang


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