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Looks fine, but we need to settle on the name for the ABI.  My preference would 
be "XLC++11", or perhaps "XLCXX11" (I propose the latter because of the common 
reference CXXABI.)

Comment at: clang/include/clang/Basic/TargetCXXABI.h:116
+    ///   - static initialization is adjusted to use sinit and sterm functions;
+    XL_Clang,
sfertile wrote:
> Xiangling_L wrote:
> > daltenty wrote:
> > > Why the underscore in the name? This is a bit inconsistent with both the 
> > > LLVM naming convention here and the name as it appears in other sources.
> > There are various AIX ABI. So to distinguish the one we are implementing, 
> > we choose `XL` and `Clang` as two parts of the abi name. 
> > `XL` - not g++;
> > `Clang` - it's a  ABI implemented in Clang;
> > 
> > And also `XLClang` is misleading because it represents our AIX XL C/C++ 
> > compiler itself externally.
> So do we need the 'Clang' part in the name? For example the ABI below is not 
> `Microsoft_Clang`. Or is the `_Clang` differentiating between multiple XL 
> ABIs?
I suspect the concern is that "XL" ABI is ambiguious between legacy xlC and 
xlclang++.  The two differ at the C++11 language level so perhaps it makes 
sense to have "XLC++11"?  (and theoretically just "XL" if we ever decide xlC)

Comment at: clang/lib/CodeGen/ItaniumCXXABI.cpp:4428
+                                   llvm::Constant *addr) {
+  llvm::report_fatal_error("Static initialization has not been fully"
+                           " implemented on XL_Clang ABI yet.");
Omit "fully".  Fix the name XL_Clang when we've settled on a name.

Comment at: clang/test/CodeGen/static-init.cpp:9
+    test(int c) {a = c;}
+    ~test() {a = 0;}
Nit: formatting.  

The test is fine but I'd usually write this test even more briefly:
struct S { ~S(); } s;

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