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Comment at: clang/test/Driver/flang/clang-driver-2-frontend01.f90:10
+! RUN: cp %clang %t1
+! RUN: %clang --driver-mode=flang -fortran-fe %basename_t.tmp1 -### %s 2>&1 | 
FileCheck --check-prefixes=ALL %s
richard.barton.arm wrote:
> Does %t1 not work again on this line?
If I don't create the fake link getProgramPath will only return the name, not 
the entire path.
t1 here is the path for the frontend.  
For instance:
clang --driver-mode=flang -fortran-fe %test
the frontend name is test, but when running it should print:
 <path-to-test>/test -fc1
 without the link it will only print:
test -fc1
Like I said before it is more a preference that actually a requisite.

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