NoQ added a comment.

Hmm, given that you're using ARC, you're probably intending to turn the review 
title/summary into a commit message. Let's make it prettier then:

- Commit messages are typically written in imperative mood, eg. "Enabling" -> 
"Enable", "Adding"/"Added" -> "Add".
- Abbreviating "constructor" to "ctr" was really unnecessary :)

Comment at: clang/lib/StaticAnalyzer/Core/ExprEngineCallAndReturn.cpp:586
   ExplodedNodeSet dstCallEvaluated;
+  EvalCallOptions CallOpts;
   getCheckerManager().runCheckersForEvalCall(dstCallEvaluated, dstPreVisit,
vrnithinkumar wrote:
> NoQ wrote:
> > If you want you can make it an optional argument of 
> > `runCheckersForEvalCall()`, like it's done in `defaultEvalCall()`.
> I tried to make it as default argument for `runCheckersForEvalCall()` but 
> `struct EvalCallOptions` is forward declared in `CheckerManager.h`.
Oh well! You probably still don't need a separate local variable, can you try 
`EvalCallOptions()` or even `{}`?

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