hubert.reinterpretcast added inline comments.

Comment at: clang/lib/CodeGen/CGDeclCXX.cpp:248-250
   CGF.StartFunction(GlobalDecl(&VD, DynamicInitKind::AtExit),
-                    CGM.getContext().VoidTy, fn, FI, FunctionArgList());
+                    CGM.getContext().VoidTy, fn, FI, FunctionArgList(),
+                    VD.getLocation(), VD.getInit()->getExprLoc());
dblaikie wrote:
> Any ideas why this is only showing up for AIX & not other targets, given this 
> code looks to be generic, not AIX-specific?
Yes, because the AIX implementation generates a direct call to the stub 
function on the finalization path when it finds that a stub was still 
registered with `atexit`.

That would explain why other platforms to not encounter this message:
inlinable function call in a function with debug info must have a !dbg location

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