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As a downstream, we have concerns with this change. From what I saw it breaks 
the behavior of the fix-it that wants to remove the whole variable definition 
(including the initializer). For example, I have unused, that I want to remove 
variable x and unnecessary explicit specialization temp<double:

  template<typename T>
  T temp = 1;
  int x  = 10;
  template<> double temp<double> = 1;

Previously, this could be handled (in case of single variable declaration) by 
simply removing the `var->getSourceRange()` with succeeding coma. However, such 
code does not work for variable templates (and only for them).

As an alternative, I would suggest introducing an additional function to 
VarDecl (which could be moved up in the hierarchy), that would report a source 
range that corresponds to `declarator-id`, i.e. for template variable it would 
include template arguments.

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