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Comment at: docs/DesignDocs/VisibilityMacros.rst:33
@@ +32,3 @@
+  Mark a type's typeinfo and vtable as having default visibility.
+  `_LIBCPP_TYPE_VIS`. This macro has no effect on the visibility of the
+  type's member functions. This attribute cannot be used on class templates.
The `_LIBCPP_TYPE_VIS` at the start of this line seems out of place?

Comment at: include/__config:605
@@ +604,3 @@
+#  if __has_attribute(__type_visibility__)
+#    define _LIBCPP_EXTERN_TEMPLATE_TYPE_VIS __attribute__ 
+#  else
Do you think it's worth adding a comment in the code to this effect, or even 
just a comment pointing to the visibility macros design doc? It's a bit 
confusing. Alternatively, maybe define a `_LIBCPP_OVERRIDE_TYPE_VIS` inside the 
`__has_attribute(__type_visibility__)` case of `_LIBCPP_TYPE_VIS` and use that 
macro here instead of repeating the type visibility attribute check, to make 
this self documenting.

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