compnerd added inline comments.

Comment at: lib/Headers/intrin.h:504
@@ +503,3 @@
+_interlockedbittestandset_acq(long volatile *_BitBase, long _BitPos) {
+  long _PrevVal = __atomic_fetch_or(_BitBase, 1l << _BitPos, __ATOMIC_ACQUIRE);
+  return (_PrevVal >> _BitPos) & 1;
mstorsjo wrote:
> compnerd wrote:
> > Perhaps we should add static asserts that _BitPos is within limits for the 
> > signed shift.
> Sure, although I guess that also goes for the existing inline functions as 
> well?
> Which kind of assert would be suitable for that here? As far as I see, 
> static_assert is C++ only, while this header also can be used from C.
> If I try to add _Static_assert, which is usable in C, I get the following 
> error when compiling:
> intrin.h:499:18: error: 
>       static_assert expression is not an integral constant expression
>   _Static_assert(_BitPos < 32, "_BitPos out of range");
> This even when I don't actually use the inline function anywhere, just 
> including intrin.h.
Yeah, we would have to use `_Static_assert`, but that requires C11.  It is 
possible to emulate it, but probably not worth the effort.  I am worried though 
that we could introduce undefined behavior with an incorrect parameter.

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