NoQ added inline comments.

Comment at: lib/StaticAnalyzer/Checkers/RetainCountChecker.cpp:3866
@@ -3865,3 +3865,3 @@
   if (LCtx->getAnalysisDeclContext()->isBodyAutosynthesized()) {
-    assert(LCtx->getParent());
+    assert(LCtx->inTopFrame() || LCtx->getParent()); 
Hmm. This assert is trivially true and can be omitted.

However, the assert here has a reason: we clearly shouldn't be trying to 
analyze synthesized bodies as top-level functions. Because any errors we find 
this way would never have any tiniest thing to do with the code we've been 
asked to analyze by the user.

So i think this problem could use a little bit more attention.

Also, i think the correct way to write this assert would be 
`!LCtx->inTopFrame()` (which would be compatible with `ScopeContext` whenever 
we have it).


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