@@ -332,12 +346,14 @@ void InclusionRewriter::CommentOutDirective(Lexer 
     // OutputContentUpTo() would not output anything anyway.
-  OS << "#if 0 /* expanded by -frewrite-includes */" << MainEOL;
+  OS << "#if 0 /* " << getIncludedFileName(Inc)
erichkeane wrote:

Hmm... ok.  The 'all or nothing' is fine.  As far as the system-includes, I 
wouldn't mind it if we were imperfect, as this is exclusively a debugging tool, 
thus any amount of ABI/API/etc stability doesn't really exist.  So I'm ok with 
a bit of a 'best effort' here (same on the enabling individual headers).  

we can always revise this as we determine needs.

BTW, I'm ok with this patch, but I am not the code owner here, so I'd like to 
give others a better chance to review this, particularly @MaskRay .

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