alanphipps added a comment.

> I added steps to download the profile here: 
> I think this should be reverted while being investigated: 

Thank you for the repro! It was a huge help. There was in fact a bug in 
InstrProfReader.cpp where the wrong profile format version was being checked 
before attempting to read MC/DC bitmap bytes.  The check was added to ensure 
backward compatibility with older versions.  I fixed that check and added a 
testcase to ensure v10 of the format can still be handled successfully.

> I just noticed this also broke some lit tests on mac: 
> That's also visible on greendragon: 

The Mac failures were due a missing adjustment in clang to ensure profile 
sections are properly page aligned.  When I separated out the patches to make 
the process easier, that change ended up in 
with the other MC/DC clang changes when it should've been included in this 
patch.  I've added it and verified that the Mac tests pass with this patch.


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