danielmarjamaki added a comment.

I agree with the comments from you dcoughlin but I am not sure how to do it.

> Can you also add a test that tests this more directly (i.e., with 
> clang_analyzer_warnIfReached). I don't think it is good to have the only test 
> for this core coverage issue to be in tests for an alpha checker. Adding the 
> direct test would also make it easier to track down any regression if it 
> happens. The 'func.c' test file might be a good place for such a test.

I totally agree.

In func.c there such comments:
// expected-warning{{FALSE|TRUE|UNKNOWN}}

what does those FALSE|TRUE|UNKNOWN do?

I don't see what this will do:


I want that both returns are reached. and I want to ensure that result from 
function is both 1 and 0.

> You could also try to add a canary with clang analyzer eval after the if 
> statement to force the test to fail if we do add this symbolic reasoning.

sounds good. sorry but I don't see how to do it.



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