mstorsjo added a comment.

> (should they be also on AArch64? I had problems with testing it for AArch64, 
> so I left it)

Technically, I think they should be on AArch64 as well. But clang/LLVM probably 
doesn't support AArch64/Windows yet (I guess?), so testing it probably is 
impossible. When/if support later gets added for that, it's easy to complete 

AArch64/Windows in general isn't available yet; the Windows 10 SDK contains 
some arm64 tools, and the Windows 10 SDK and MSVC 2015 headers have got ifdefs 
using _M_ARM64, but other than that, there's no public version of Visual Studio 
even having a compiler for it. So until then, and when someone tries to get 
clang/LLVM to support it, it's probably ok to just ignore it.

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