ebiggers wrote:

> To be safe, I think we should have an experimental tag to guard the 
> intrinsics, while the extension is ratified and do indeed don't need the 
> experimental.

This is already part of the pull request.

I've updated the commit message and pull request description to make it clear 
that it's still leaving the C intrinsics as experimental.

> What you propose here seems OK to me, but please add something to RISCVUsage 
> indicating that in some cases an extension may be non-experimental but the 
> intrinsics still experimental and -menable-experimental-extensions must be 
> passed to Clang to use them.

I added a new section "Experimental C Intrinsics" to RISCVUsage.rst.

Also in RISCVUsage.rst, I changed the status of the extensions from "Supported" 
(the previous proposal) to "Assembly Support".  This is consistent with the 
fact that the file says that "Supported" means the C intrinsics are supported.

> I also think a Clang release note might make sense, such as "It is now 
> possible for intrinsics to be experimental while the extension itself is 
> non-experimental. This is currently the case for the vector crypto extensions 
> (Zvk*, Zvbb, Zvbc) where -menable-experimental-extension must still be passed 
> to Clang in order to enable use of the C intrinsics."

Done, but I combined the information with the note already being added about 
the vector crypto extensions, since that seems to be more logical.  Let me know 
what you think; thanks!

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