hokein added inline comments.

Comment at: clang-move/ClangMove.cpp:264
+    HeaderGuard += "#define " + GuardName + "\n";
+    clang::tooling::Replacement HeaderGuardInclude(FileName, 0, 0,
+                                                   HeaderGuard);
ioeric wrote:
> Might not quite related to this patch:
> Considering how `tooling::Replacements::add(...)` is implemented now, it's 
> quite inefficient to use `addOrMergeReplacement` in you case since almost all 
> replacements will conflict, which would require expensive conflict-resolving 
> merge. I think it would be cleaner and easier if you just concatenate all 
> `Decl`s and create a single insertion replacement instead of keeping merging 
> replacements at offset 0.
Good point. Yeah, the function only inserts new code to the new file. Make 
sense to only construct a single Replacement of the concatenated string. Will 
do in a follow-up.


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