kromanenkov added inline comments.

Comment at: lib/StaticAnalyzer/Core/ExprEngine.cpp:2314
+  // Return to fulfil assert condition
+  if (location.getAs<nonloc::PointerToMember>())
NoQ wrote:
> Hmm. Why would anybody try to load anything from a plain pointer-to-member, 
> rather than from a pointer-to-member-applied-to-an-object (which would no 
> longer be represented by a `PointerToMember` value)? I suspect there's 
> something wrong above the stack (or one of the sub-expression `SVal`s is 
> incorrect), because otherwise i think that making `PointerToMember` a NonLoc 
> is correct - we cannot store things in it or load things from it.
Brief analysis shows that we call evalLoad of pointer-to-member SVal after 
ExprEngine::VisitCast call when cast kind is CK_LValueToRValue. Skipping this 
check leads to assertion fail in pointer-to-member.cpp test. I will investigate 
the other ways to supress this assertion.

Comment at: test/Analysis/pointer-to-member.cpp:79
   // FIXME: Should emit a null dereference.
   return obj.*member; // no-warning
NoQ wrote:
> In fact, maybe dereferencing a null pointer-to-member should produce an 
> `UndefinedVal`, which could be later caught by 
> `core.uninitialized.UndefReturn`. I wonder why doesn't this happen.
In fact, I plan to caught dereferencing of null pointer-to-members by the 
checker which I intend to commit after this patch :) So, do you think that the 
check for dereferencing a null pointer-to-member should be a part of an 
analyzer core?

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