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In https://reviews.llvm.org/D24864#570924, @vitalybuka wrote:

> So there is:
> - Looking for __cxa_thread_atexit_impl in c
> - Looking for __cxa_thread_atexit_impl in c - not found
>   and libcxx is configured with -DLIBCXX_ENABLE_THREADS=OFF

I think, the problem here is that `cxa_thread_atexit.cpp` is not properly 
guarded against the non-threaded use-case. If you look at the source prior to 
this patch, it refers to `pthread.h` and `pthread_key_t` unconditionally, it 
may have worked because pthread was somehow linked in.

The fix should be fairly straightforward. I will do a patch tomorrow (bit late 
in the day here), hope that's OK?


/ Asiri


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