bruno added a comment.

Looks that somehow the current directory doesn't exit anymore OR it's non empty 
but only contains spaces or something like that. Besides the snippet below, 
RedirectingFileSystem::lookupPath(llvm::Twine const&) also calls `makeAbsolute` 
before `remove_dots`. Can you try to print `FileSystemOpts.WorkingDir`?

  bool FileManager::getStatValue(StringRef Path, FileData &Data, bool isFile,   
                               std::unique_ptr<vfs::File> *F) {                 
  // FIXME: FileSystemOpts shouldn't be passed in here, all paths should be     
  // absolute!                                                                  
  if (FileSystemOpts.WorkingDir.empty())                                        
    return FileSystemStatCache::get(Path, Data, isFile, F,StatCache.get(), 
  SmallString<128> FilePath(Path);                                              
  return FileSystemStatCache::get(FilePath.c_str(), Data, isFile, F,            
                                  StatCache.get(), *FS);                        


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