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In https://reviews.llvm.org/D25556#569809, @rjmccall wrote:

> Richard should probably weigh in about whether we should be recording 
> potential captures at *all* capturing scopes.  But at the very least, I think 
> you have a bug here where the variable is declared outside of the block but 
> within the lambda; in that case, it is definitely not a potential capture of 
> the lambda.

Ah, that's a good point.

When a variable is declared outside of the block but within the lambda, 
CheckIfAnyEnclosingLambdasMustCaptureAnyPotentialCaptures in SemaExprCXX.cpp 
will not capture the variable because 
getStackIndexOfNearestEnclosingCaptureCapableLambda doesn't return a proper 
index, so it looks like it's still safe to add the variable here even when it 
cannot be captured by the lambda. I think it's possible to check that the 
variable is not declared within the lambda before adding it to the list of 
potential captures in the code above, but I'm not sure whether we have to do 

Also, could you elaborate on when you think we don't have to record a variable 
as a potential capture? My understanding is that you need to record the 
variable as a potential capture when the variable is part of a full expression 
that depends on a generic parameter because you don't know whether the variable 
is odr-used and needs to be captured by the lambda until you look at the full 
expression. Perhaps there are exceptions to this rule when the variable is used 
in a block?


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