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I am not sure whether that's useful for debugging out-of-date issues but this 
is what I use and it is helpful.

Some debugging aids (suggested by Richard Smith):

  -fdiagnostics-show-note-include-stack will tell you which module a note comes 
  #pragma clang __debug dump X allows you to produce an AST dump from within a 
source file, so you can see which modules declare a given name
  #pragma clang __debug macro M allows you to dump a macro, which can be useful 
to see which module(s) export visible include guards for a header

If a name is not visible in a modules build but is visible in a non-modules 
build, i usually find that's due to one of two things

  some part of the machinery that provides it depends on macro definitions 
leaking into a modular header from outside, or
  there is an include cycle involving a modular header and a non-modular header


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