On 18 October 2016 at 12:08, Eric Liu <ioe...@google.com> wrote:

> clang-apply-replacements has some legacy code and needs some refactoring
> in order to take advantage of the cleanup feature (because of the new
> tooling::Replacements implementation). I had a plan to refactor it but
> thought it was a low priority since most refactoring tools are using
> replacements application functions in tooling::RefactoringTool, and I also
> have a plan to replace clang-apply-replacements with a better
> infrastructure that can supports more refactoring actions.

I use run-clang-tidy.py to run clang-tidy and clang-apply-replacements.
D24339 needs cleanupAroundReplacements to avoid creating syntax errors.
So it would be helpful if clang-apply-replacements did this cleanup.

Malcolm Parsons
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