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> Yesterday and today is the first time in a while that clang has been 
> seriously broken for more than an hour or so.
>  I'm not inclined to worry about it yet.

Oh, awesome.  That sounds good to me.

The question about build configurations still stands, though -- should that be 
documented somewhere?  In particular I could not successfully run check-cxx by 
following the directions I found by googling.  I am volunteering to write the 
patch if we can agree on what the workflow should be.

>>> I don't see how this can possibly be constexpr.
>>>  it calls isfinite(), which is hoisted from ::isfinite(), which comes from 
>>> the C library.
>>>  Since C knows nothing about constexpr, we're stuck.
>> Functions that call non-constexpr things can be marked constexpr; you just 
>> can't evaluate them in a constexpr context (as you demonstrated).
>> All I need is for the function to be marked as constexpr; I do not need the 
>> function be constexpr-evaluatable.
> Then what's the point? How can you test if it is correct?

https://reviews.llvm.org/D24971 tests this.  I suppose we could write a test 
inside libcxx, but it would be kind of ugly.

> I guess I don't understand the motivation for this change.

To make <complex> work in CUDA, we do the following terrible, awful, horrible, 
no good thing: ...well, I can just show you the code.  

The significant part here is

  #pragma clang force_cuda_host_device begin
  #include_next <complex>
  #pragma clang force_cuda_host_device end

This tells clang, everything between the two pragmas is something that we can 
run on the host (CPU) and device (GPU).  And that works fine for libstdc++.  
But for libc++, marking everything inside <complex> as host+device is not 
enough -- we also need to mark these four functions, which are called from 

We could mark them as __host__ __device__ explicitly, but then we'd need checks 
for CUDA compilation inside of libc++, and I've been avoiding asking for that.  
Instead, marking these functions as constexpr works, because constexpr 
functions are implicitly host+device in our CUDA implementation.


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