dwblaikie wrote:

If you're debugging with lldb you should probably be using -glldb - if you're 
doing that, certainly gnu-pubnames should not be enabled by default or 
implicitly by gsplit-dwarf.

I'd say -gsplit-dwarf -glldb probably doesn't need any names/accelerator table 
by default (any more than the non-split dwarf should default enable names in 
-glldb - which, maybe it should be, since it is the default on apple platforms, 
I think?) - split dwarf for gcc needed to (& I think should still be the 
default, under -ggdb (the default on Linux etc)) enable gnuoubnames by default 
for correctness (gdb would assume it was present/accurate and fail lookups, 
rather than falling back to slow performance/exhaustive search)

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