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@Amila-Rukshan Congratulations on having your first Pull Request (PR) merged 
into the LLVM Project!

Your changes will be combined with recent changes from other authors, then 
by our [build bots]( If there is a problem with 
a build, you may receive a report in an email or a comment on this PR.

Please check whether problems have been caused by your change specifically, as
the builds can include changes from many authors. It is not uncommon for your
change to be included in a build that fails due to someone else's changes, or
infrastructure issues.

How to do this, and the rest of the post-merge process, is covered in detail 

If your change does cause a problem, it may be reverted, or you can revert it 
This is a normal part of [LLVM 
 You can fix your changes and open a new PR to merge them again.

If you don't get any reports, no action is required from you. Your changes are 
working as expected, well done!
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