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Comment at: include/clang/Tooling/DiagnosticsYaml.h:79
+      for (auto &Diagnostic : Doc.Diagnostics) {
+        if (Diagnostic.Fix.size() > 0) {
+          Diagnostics.push_back(Diagnostic);
alexfh wrote:
> Should we copy all diagnostics instead?
I am not sure about that. Copying all diagnostics will mean having empty 
entries in the replacement files with just a check name. This might seem 
useless, the problem being that at the moment, the only useful exported 
information in diagnostics are the replacements. I think that if all 
diagnostics are copied, it must be done in a different patch, with a proper 
export of all the meaningful information about the diagnostics.
Then, the exported info in clang-tidy will not solely be fixes, but every 
diagnostic info (which could mean changing the name and meaning of output file 
and option). What is your feeling about this?


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