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> I have now implemented your suggestions - all but the fixit one. If I have
> added bindings for str1 and str2 in ast matcher, how would I go about
> creating a replacement for the entire implicitCastExpr or binaryOperator? I
> can't find any example in the code for clang-tidy to suggest how I would
> build a new node for the AST. Or I am looking at it from a wrong direction?

You create insertions, removals and replacements that affect the source code.
The AST is not changed.

Fix-it hints are documented here:

Source locations and ranges are documented here:

To turn str1.compare(str2) into str1 == str2 you need to replace
".compare(" with " == " and remove ")".

You can get the SourceLocation of the . by calling getOperatorLoc() on
the MemberExpr.
You can tell if you have a . or an -> by calling isArrow() on the MemberExpr.
You can get the SourceLocation of the ) by calling getRParenLoc() on
the CXXMemberCallExpr.

Malcolm Parsons
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