tcanens added inline comments.

Comment at: include/__string:543
+__search_substring(_RandomAccessIterator __first1, _RandomAccessIterator 
A character traits class need only accept pointers, so the name 
`_RandomAccessIterator` is misleading when you are passing them directly to 
`_Traits::find`/`_Traits::compare`. Why not just `const _CharT*`? Then you can 
strip out all the `iterator_traits` circumlocution as well.

Comment at: include/__string:548
+    using __iterator_traits = iterator_traits<_RandomAccessIterator>;
+    typedef typename __iterator_traits::difference_type __difference_type;
For example, since `_RandomAccessIterator` must be a pointer type, this can't 
possibly be anything other than `ptrdiff_t`.

Comment at: include/__string:568
+      __first1 = _Traits::find(__first1, __len1 - __len2 + 1, __f2);
+      if (__first1 == _RandomAccessIterator(0))
+        return __last1;
The function-style cast is redundant.

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