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Chatted about this a bit more. Because `CallEvent` is an API designed mostly 
for convenience, and `ProgramState` is a core API that needs to stay as clean 
and separate from other entities and easy to understand as possible, it would 
be the best to

1. construct a `CallEvent` in the checker (which is cheap) and query that,
2. and also allow constructing `CallEvent`s for the top frame (with 
`StackFrameContext::inTopFrame()`, with null call site ("origin") expression), 
3. add a branch to the `CallEvent::getArgSVal()` method (and similar methods 
for obtaining implicit arguments like C++ `this`, ObjC `self`, ObjC `super`) to 
handle the top frame case.

If this sounds hard, handling this completely on the checker side is fine, 
because few checker are using this at the moment.

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