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> >
> > > I really think Apple would need to step up here if the default 
> > > Objective-C++ dialect is going to change.
> >
> >
> > I don't mind stepping up and doing this work.  I just thought you'd already 
> > done it.  This patch updates some tests; is that enough, or are there 
> > further changes required in order to change the default ObjC++ dialect?
> >
> > John.
> Charles tells me this is the last group of Objective-C++ tests that failed, 
> so maybe there isn't anything else to do after all.  I had thought there were 
> more.  He'll go ahead with this set.
>  We have another couple dozen C++ tests to straighten out, then we'll be 
> ready to have the dev-list discussion about upgrading the default for 5.0, 
> and whether it's the narrow case (just C++ and just for PS4, which was our 
> original plan) or the big bang (both languages and for everybody).

Okay, thanks, sounds good.


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