bader added inline comments.

Comment at: include/clang/Basic/
+def err_atomic_init_addressspace : Error<
+  "initialization of atomic variables is restricted to variables in global 
address space">;
 def err_atomic_init_constant : Error<
Anastasia wrote:
> echuraev wrote:
> > Anastasia wrote:
> > > Could we combine this error diag with the one below? I guess they are 
> > > semantically very similar apart from one is about initialization and 
> > > another is about assignment?
> > I'm not sure that it is a good idea to combine these errors. For example, 
> > if developer had declared a variable non-constant and not in global address 
> > space he would have got the same message for both errors. And it can be 
> > difficult to determine what the exact problem is. He can fix one of the 
> > problems but he will still get the same error.
> Well, I don't actually see that we check for constant anywhere so it's also 
> OK if you want to drop this bit. Although I think the original intension of 
> this message as I understood was to provide the most complete hint.
> My concern is that these two errors seem to be reporting nearly the same 
> issue and ideally we would like to keep diagnostic list as small as possible. 
> This also makes the file more concise and messages more consistent.
I suggest adding a test case with non-constant initialization case to validate 
that existing checks cover this case for atomic types already.
If so, we can adjust existing diagnostic message to cover both cases: 
initialization and assignment expression.

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